Renewable Energy and Fit Business

This area of the sector has grown remarkably since the turn of the century. We can assist with ensuring that any renewable energy measures you have invested in are tax effective, taking into account your business structure.


New technology arrives in this sector on a regular basis which, if adopted, can generate sufficient returns. Investment in new technologies can have benefits which reach further than simply saving money on energy. Large retailers will be more interested in business if they can sell a message of sustainability to customers.


We can assist you in evaluating the proposition, and where viable, help raise the finance to develop the project.

We have a large number of clients in this sector, and as such there is a large amount of data at our disposal which allows us to help our clients and their businesses very effectively. We at Sowerby can provide a detailed benchmarking service to review the performance of our business against hundreds of others in the same sector.


Needless to say, benchmarking is carried out without jeopardising confidentiality.


Our Renewable Energy and Fit Business Sector Specialists

Whether you are looking for a new accountant or simply would like a second opinion on your business, we offer a free initial face to face consultation on an absolutely no obligation basis with one of our industry specialists.

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Richard Skewis



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