Family Business

Our partners understand the unique challenges faced by family businesses and, through working closely with them, have helped our clients to address and solve the conflicts which often arise in family and business dynamics.


We act as independent, neutral advisers with no family involvement or bias. We believe our experience in this specialist field will provide helpful facilitation and guidance when considering your own succession plan. Here at Sowerby we believe that early planning is critical for a successful transition when developing the next generation.

Business support at Sowerby extends far beyond the essential compliance services. We aim to be your business partners, helping to ensure the best possible chance of success for your business and manage its growth.


Every business plan must be thorough in order to minimize errors and missed opportunities. Business owners have a duty to invest significant time in developing a long-term plan for their start-up and we at Sowerby have the expertise to play a significant part in the development of these plans.


We can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your business in a detailed financial review and provide tailored suggestions for improvements. This takes the form of a benchmarking review, which compares your business’ performance with that of similar companies in your sector. Whilst no two business are identical, Sowerby’s report provides a very useful benchmark to ascertain how well your business is performing.


We also have considerable experience with applications for local and regional grants which have helped support the growth of our clients’ businesses.


Sowerby is always on hand to discuss strategy and offer advice which best fits your business. We have supported our clients through acquisitions, mergers and significant new financial investment and have the expertise to help avoid the pitfalls associated with such growth.

We have a large number of clients in this sector, and as such there is a large amount of data at our disposal which allows us to help our clients and their businesses very effectively. We at Sowerby can provide a detailed benchmarking service to review the performance of your business against hundreds of others in the same sector.


Needless to say, benchmarking is carried out without jeopardising confidentiality.

Should you require any further information please contact:

Richard Skewis

Patrick Scargill

Stewart Scargill



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