Personal Tax

Whatever your personal circumstances, we can offer you a tailored service to help complete your self-assessment tax return.

We can also provide the relevant information needed for any other claim, such as working family credits, or information for mortgage providers.

Our partners can assist with the following services:

Tax arises on the sale of most capital items, however there are several reliefs that are available to mitigate the full extent of the tax. We will be able to assist you before, during and after the process of any sale to ensure that you have claimed all the reliefs available to you.


These include, however are not restricted to:

  • Principle Private Residence (PPR)
  • Letting Relief
  • Entrepreneurs relief
  • Rollover Relief
  • Holdover Relief

At Sowerby, we can assist in reviewing your estate and advising how you may be able to mitigate the taxes due on your death. Our specialist team has years of experience assisting clients to plan for the future, and ensure they are able to pass as much wealth on to the next generation as is legal.


It is important to ensure that full use of the ‘nil rate band’ and, where applicable, ‘residence nil rate band’ to ensure tax effective planning. It is also important to ensure that all assets which attract relief are highlighted and careful planning is undertaken to maintain those reliefs.


These include:

  • Business Property Relief (BPR)
  • Agricultural Property Relief (APR)
  • We have a specialist team which deals with trusts, should this be part of your required service.

As with all our services, we appreciate that every client is an individual and the level of service required will vary greatly from person to person. Due to this, we arrange an initial meeting to ascertain your individual needs and design a fully bespoke service to ensure these needs are met in full and at a reasonable cost.


Our private client portfolio ranges from individuals letting out a single property to large trusts with multiple beneficiaries and significant investments.


Our specialist team works with high net-worth and ultra high net-worth individuals, families and trusts. Together with business contacts in the legal and investment professions, Sowerby can ensure that our clients’ affairs are structured in the most efficient way.


We deliver a comprehensive set of services including dealing with all regulatory matters on behalf of our clients and have specialists in all areas of taxation including income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

Trusts form a highly specialised part of many tax planning exercises and we have a wealth of experience in our trust department. This ranges from dealing with simple discretionary trusts designed to mitigate inheritance tax liabilities, through to extremely large and complex family trusts designed, amongst other things, to protect family wealth through the generations.

Most individuals and business are likely to receive a letter from HMRC advising of an investigation into their tax affairs at some point. In many cases these investigations lead to no additional tax burden on the individual or business – however, they can be time consuming and costly.


We are able to assist you through the whole process and ensure that it is run smoothly and cost effectively.


We are also able to offer a low-cost insurance to cover the costs of the investigation.

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Andrea Standring



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