Help To Grow (Government Funded)

Help To Grow (Government Funded)

As promised from a previous budget, the Help To Grow Management programme has now been launched.


The idea behind the 12-week programme is that increased productivity with create growth for businesses and in turn help the UK’s economic recovery.


Following a tough 18 months, the new government course (which is partly subsidised) aims to develop the skills of business leaders to improve employee engagement, reach new business markets and build resilience for the future.



Help To Grow Management Programme


The programme offers senior business leaders practical management training. This will be delivered via both online sessions and face-to-face training.


Business schools across the UK will offer 50 hours of tuition across the 12 weeks with one-to-one support from a business mentor.


The course promises to arm attendees with knowledge in the following 9 key areas:
Financial Management
Strategy and innovation
Building vision and brand
Adopting digital technology
Engaging and inspiring teams
Growing national and international markets
Financial management
Leading for high performance


There is more available than just the curriculum. The programme also includes networking opportunities and once complete, access to an alumni programme which includes inspirational speakers and business clinics in the future.


The government is covering 90% of the costs, leaving the business to pay the £750 remaining balance.




Positions are designed for those in senior decision-making roles within a small or medium sized business. The business must employ between 5-249 people and have operated for more than one year.

Due to the nature of the course being designed to boost economic recovery charities are no eligible to take part.


30,000 leaders are expected to be part of programme for which registration is now open but closes at the end of October.



Applying is easy, but if you have any questions or want to know more, call is on 01482 888820