Energy Bill Relief Scheme – October 2022

On Saturday 1st October 2022 the government’s new energy relief scheme came into force.


Under the terms of the scheme the government will provide a discount on wholesale gas and electricity prices for all non-domestic customers. This will include UK Businesses, the voluntary sector and the public sector.  The scheme will apply to variable contracts and all fixed contracts entered in to after 1st April 2022. It will be available for energy usage between 1st October 2022 and 31st March 2023. The savings will first be seen in October bills which are typically received in November.


A review of the scheme will be conducted by the government in 3 months time.

The government has set a supported wholesale price of £211 per MWh (21.1p per KWh) for electricity and £75 per MWH (7.5p per KWh) for gas.


For qualifying customers where energy costs exceed the supported wholesale prices as set out above, the government will fund a discount to effectively reduce the cost of energy to this level.  In a similar manner to the domestic scheme this is effectively a cap on the unit cost of energy not on the overall bill.  The discount will automatically be applied to bills, so no claim is required.


Full details can be found on